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African Lion Safari in Namibia – Sample Itinerary

Lion populations are increasingly at risk of diminishing, as conservancies find it difficult to be the custodians to the kings of the animal world. For wild desert-adapted lions, the ongoing human-animal conflict with farmers put them at further risk.

Lions are now collared to study their movements and thereby help conserve existing populations. The experience of searching for desert-adapted lions in the wild is therefore a hugely coveted and timely – a major bucket list item to tick off.

This sample itinerary focuses on following lions and other desert-adapted wildlife in Namibia, where most of the desert adapted species can be found – sightings are not guaranteed, but the adventure is worth the risk. However, Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia also have areas with thriving lion populations. See our African Lion Safari blog post for further lion safari destinations.

Day 1

International flight arrives in Walvis Bay | Afternoon with lion researchers in Swakopmund | The Delight Swakopmund

Day 2-4

Fly to Damaraland | Game drives to search for desert adapted elephant, rhino, and lion | Mowani Mountain Lodge

Day 5-7

Fly from Damaraland to Etosha | Game drives to see excellent lion populations in the Southwestern part of Etosha | Little Ongava

Day 8-10

Fly from Etosha to Sesfontein | Game drives to see desert adapted elephant, rhino, and lion | Hoanib Valley Camp

Day 11

Fly from Sesfontein to Windhoek | International flight home

african lion in the dust
Hoanib Valley accommodation

*Two other areas of interest are Shipwreck Lodge on Skeleton Coast (which has its own magic, but lion sightings are extremely rare) and the AfriCat Foundation (accessible from Windhoek when this African Lion Safari is done as a driving safari).

To see how this experience fits into a Namibian itinerary, please check out our African Lion Safari.