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I am Willow Constantine, the founder of Bespoke Safari Co.

I enjoy traveling slowly, noticing subtle nuance on my journeys.  My travels have brought me from the raw nature of my birthplace in Alaska to the rugged shores of Cape Town.  In Africa, I learned the fine art of slow living (Africa Time) and subtle transformation came through training as a yoga instructor.  I worked in the safari industry for 7 years – the beginning of my love story with the African wilderness, where game roams freely and time stands still.

Bespoke Safari Co. began as a collection of the places I’ve traveled and the wisdom I gained along the way. Over time, it grew into a company offering curated travel experiences with a view to synthesize craft and bespoke itineraries.

In this spirit, I create only one-of-a-kind travel experiences uniquely crafted to suit the individual client.  These journeys run the full spectrum from tailored retreats in South Africa to fully inclusive safaris in East Africa.  I have selected my portfolio of lodges and private homes based on personal experience and a solid understanding that these curated spaces are delivering 100% on service and style.

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“I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up that I was not happy.”
– Ernest Hemingway

Join Bespoke Safari Co. for a curated travel experience that will remain forever etched in your memory….

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