What makes Bespoke Safari Co. unique

Curating cutting edge, expertly crafted experiences for the modern traveler.

  • We create a totally exclusive, privately serviced villa experience for families
  • Lodges have been carefully selected and reviewed
  • We gain a thorough understanding of your needs to tailor your ideal itinerary
  • We curate a “locals” experience for foreigners, you benefit from insider knowledge
  • We offer full support while you travel
  • Our fees are paid by the lodges you book, so our service is essentially free

How we work

  • Getting to know you
    We use either a questionnaire or a phone call to get to know your needs
  • Itinerary sketch
    We present an outline of a few ideas we have for you, and you choose the one that resonates most with you, based on availability etc.
  • Filling in details
    Once we settle on an itinerary, we refine the details of the trip by adding on extra services such as restaurant bookings, offbeat activities, and bespoke tours.
  • Present a cost
    We have gone to great lengths to secure discounts at the hotels and lodges. Effectively this discount pays for our services and we pass on a portion of this discount to our clients.
  • We confirm and you are off!
    We collate all your travel documents and ensure we are looking after you from the time you land in Africa, to the time you leave. You get to sit back and enjoy the trip while we do all the organizing
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