Solo travel in Africa

5 Best Solo Travel Experiences in Africa

Travelling alone can be incredibly enriching, owing to our ability to truly absorb our environs in solitude.  Accordingly, there could be no better continent than African to find oneself (safely) alone amongst wild things. To demonstrate, below are brilliant ideas for five of the best ways to fly solo in Africa.


For anyone negotiating the frenetic pace of big cities, Namibia is the ideal place to unwind.  Although solo travellers would need to be 4×4 savvy, a road trip through Namibia could be one of the most gratifying and serene adventures of your life.  Vast tracts of untouched land await, with the warm wind blowing dust through the open windows. With this in mind, make stops at Sossusvlei, Spitzkoppe, and Damaraland for jaw-dropping landscapes.  After that, head up to Etosha for incredible wildlife.  In addition, adventurous types may continue to the Caprivi Strip and Kavango River for truly wild camping.


Game drive Serengeti

Serengeti National Park is an iconic African safari destination.  During the Great Migration, its vast tracts of savannah entice wildebeest to wander north and south in constant search of sustenance. For solo travellers exploring the Serengeti, choosing the right camp will ensure an experience balancing social time with solitude.  When flying in, most of the game drives are led by camp guides in six-person open air game viewers, so the adventure is shared. Dinners at these small camps are communal, so you also share stories over a drink by the fire and a delicious supper. For the rest, there is ample leisure time to catch up with a good book and an afternoon nap.  In sum. the Serengeti is solitary travel heaven!


Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in Africa, and the tallest free-standing single peak in the world.  It’s no wonder that active travellers flock from all corners of the globe to conquer Kili. The mountain has an incredible diversity of landscapes, starting with a lush lowland are and eventually ascending to a barren and often snowy peak at 5,895 meters.  Kilimanjaro has the unique benefit of offering several routes so climbers can choose according to their level of fitness. For solo travellers, most of the guiding companies offer group fixed departure dates, so the costs and the experience are shared and perhaps a few new friends can be made from diverse backgrounds.  


Rovos Rail Solo Journey

Railway travel has made a serious comeback.  Consequently, in South Africa, a fleet of luxury steam trains have been repurposed with modern amenities and classic décor.  Several railway routes are offered, either focusing on nature and safari or history and culture. Solo travellers will love the long days spent watching the world go by, the fascinating curated stops, and the social drinks at the end of the day.


In the Western Cape (South Africa), several slackpacking trails offer unique access to the unbelievably beautiful backcountry.  The Green Mountain Trail adds a dimension of pared down luxury. Hikers walk 11 to 18 kilometres every day, ending with a delicious gourmet meal and welcomed by a cosy bed in a small guest house.  The groups are small, and the hikes are guided biodiversity experts, promising an enriching and engaging experience for solo travellers.

This top five focuses on mostly active travel, so if you want to know about more serene ways to enjoy Africa please contact us!